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Latest News

15.08.2013 21:19 by Webmaster Ultra

Changes in next ultra game (19.08.2013)

Dear Players,

the following rules updates and changes will be available on ultra game on 19th of August 2013.
That changes we've made to improve game performance and useablility:

InGame KI:
The mount of KI controlled civilian, indipendend and policeman per group will be reduced from 5 to 4 units.
Addentionally the aiming accurancy will be changed from 0.7 to 0.5 cause of other Arma2 mod's has lower
accuracy than the ULTRA.


Messages HQ/Com:
There're actually problems to set commessages ingame for all players at the same time.
Therefor we change the method to manuell check via radiosystem.
The messages can check each time in the game by the radio.



For the training of policeman each sides gets 4000$ Weaponmoney. The training does not to have been payed.
Are all policeman KIA by the enemy the side must train again policeman.

All changes goes active on next game (19.08.2013) 

The Leagueadministration

21.06.2013 09:42 by Celious

Change at Sideadministration

Dear Players,

in the course of the last changes in the league and also the overall structure of the
ULTRA we want to simplify our system again.

So there will be no more "restricted sideadmins" now. This position is without replacement
deleted. For this, every campmanager has the right "mission select", "select boxes" and "redistribute income".
Thus, the administration will rely entirely on the respective side.

Rights sideadmin / campmanager:

Missionen select
Delivery select
Redistribute income

Billing log
Select missions
Select Delivery
Income distribution

We also ask that the warehouse management / Additions of more than two persons are used per stock.
These must be named and communicated to the side. Thus, in case of error we find the right partner
is to facilitate the rapid processing of errors for us.

The league management will operate in the future only as a controller and monitors the accounts and statements of a side. In case of dispute or accounting errors, we reserve the right to intervene.

Good luck

The League Administration

21.06.2013 08:42 by Celious

Addon v1.62 published - NEW!!!

Dear Players,

a new addon package has been published today. You will need this to play next game.

You can download the addon here.

Kind regards 

ULTRA League Administration

14.05.2013 20:23 by Webmaster Ultra

Addon v1.59 published - NEW!!!

Dear Players,

a new addon package has been published today. You will need this to play next game.

You can download the addon here.

Kind regards 

ULTRA League Administration

14.05.2013 20:16 by Webmaster Ultra

Rulesupdate Guest / Guestcamp - NEW!!!

Dear Players,

with the league administration meeting of today we change the rule for guests:


1) The guests plays the first time ULTRA.

 2) Nickname and player-id must committed over a sideadmin or direct to the league administration.

Hint: The league administration must be informed about guestplayers or no funds will be paid to the camp.


You found the rules here

Additionally we add and updates some prices:


Available / Add:

- L11A1 Static for $15K
- L7A2 Static for $5K
- GMG Static for $30K
- Praha V3S for $120K

Update (price low):

- HMMVW M240 from $85K to $75K
- M113 from $130K to 100K
- Ural from $150K to $140K


Kind regards

ULTRA League Administration

08.04.2013 21:18 by Celious

Commencement of Test Matches / Team Distribution / Start Parameters

Dear fellow players,

We are pleased to announce that we are initiating test matches, starting next Monday. There are two matches scheduled for the time being, there may be a third one in case that any issues arise.

A major part of the test matches will be a trial of the new team-distribution that we agreed upon based on the questionnaires you had submitted. We are particularly happy that we could achieve a balanced composition in consideration of most of your wishes and desires.

Team Distribution Round #4


  • Wolverines Rebirth- WR (6 players)
  • Angry Insects - AI (5 players)
  • Czechoslovakia ArmA Alliance - CSAA (7 players)
  • approx. 18 players overall


  • Swiss German Eagles - SGE (4 players)
  • TLA Group - TLA (4 players)
  • Airborne Rangers - 75th (5 players)
  • Heeresgruppe Süd - HGS (5 players)
  • approx. 18 players overall

The following start parameters have been laid down for the test matches:

  • Towns West Level 2: Pavlovo, Komarovo, Balota, Kozlovka, Nadezdhino, Chernogorsk, Mogilevka
  • Towns East Level2: Pobeda Dam, Airfield, Krasnostav, Gvozdno, Dubrovka, Khelm, Berezino
  • Arms Funds: 65,000 $
  • Vehicle Funds: 1,200K $
  • 5 Capture crates on start-up und 0 Conquest crates

The access data have been send via PM in the forums. Now it's up to you to get started with planning the battle next Monday.

We are looking forward to the test rounds and to Round #4 of the ULTRA league.

Many thanks, the league line

20.03.2013 22:50

3rd campagne end / invitation to players meeting

Dear players,

The west side is emerged as the winner of the third Campaign.

On 18th march 2013, the Western Group taken the protection zone on the east side Krasnostav airport and thus the victory of the 3rd Campaign in the last resort secured. The league administration congratulates the west side to this success and would like to thank all participants warmly on both sides for the thrilling and fair games.
We also want all players on 25.03.2013 at 20:00 clock to invite to a players meeting.
We would love to hear your impressions of the last round and also want to especially about the coming campaign to talk to you. We're look forward to a lively participation of you.

The league administration

29.01.2013 20:51 by Webmaster Ultra

Possible change of SMAW

Dear community,

we would like to carry out the purpose of balance another change. Before we would like to ask the players to give their opinion. We do not want to give the impression to make on your mood changes. Feedback on the forum would be the best, but it is also possible to discuss with the respective side Admins the topic.

link to board post:

click here

best regards

The League Administrtion

29.12.2012 16:46 by Celious

New Deliverysystem

Dear Community,

as acknowledged in the playermeeting yesterday we are happy to announce the ULTRA deliverysystem.
This can be used ingame via com. A Howto for this is published on our website:


This article can be printed or saved as pdf on your pc.

If bug happend during the game please tell us this with an ingame screenshot.

The old system is off and future, we will not publish delivery of both sides.

Kind regards

ULTRA League Administration

22.12.2012 13:15 by Webmaster Ultra

League / Playermeeting

Dear Community,
the league administration invites all players cordially to an open discussion.
If there are any issues that concern you, this would be the time to tell us personally, it is also a good way to get to know the other players of the opposite side.

It would be great if you could tell us your topics of the dicussion till the 27th of dec. That helps us to prepare.
The term of the discussion is friday, 28th December at (08:00 pm GMT+1) in the ULTRA TS.
We hope for a large attendance.
The League Administration